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Monthly Makes Zine

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Monthly Makes Zine
Monthly Makes Zine
Monthly Makes Zine

Monthly Makes Zine 

Each month the Monthly Makes Zine is filled with articles, blogs, products, design artwork, and full instructions for the craft of the month.

It is an A5 document and is now available as a digital download.

Each month has new content, and guest writing, and artwork.

Pay Your Price

There is a feature for this product to pay what you can.

Type in the amount in the box you can pay, and checkout. Simple.

Times are really tough and I want to make work accessible to all. I have introduced the Pay Your Price feature, as I believe in paying back to my lovely tribe.

Where you genuinely pay what you can, and you enjoy the work I have created.

Included in every copy of the zine:

  • Original Artwork 
  • Original Pattern & Project
  • Creative writing
  • Products & Blog Posts

What's included & How you get it

  • Digital Delivery straight to your inbox
  • New exclusive pattern each month
  • Access to Makers Mob Facebook page
  • Pay Your Price