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Katherine Khullar

Yay you made it!!

Congratulations...if you have made it this far, you have won one of our cute lollipop cross stitch kits in your Christmas Cracker!

These were made with love, by someone special at Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross.

Firstly, we wish you and yours all the happiness for 2020 and beyond!! Go with love, and spread kindness. It matters, as do you!! 

Secondly, you may be wondering how to cross-stitch? You may already be a pro, or need a refresher. All of the above are cool. This is a small project, and is meant to be mindful and slow. No pressure to finish this project quickly, just do your own time! Keep it chilled. 



  • Included in our kit is everything you need to get started:
    • Gold Plated Needle; Thread; and Glass Beads
  • We have drawn the pattern of the lollipop on each piece of fabric
  • This means, you do not need a pattern
  • Just choose your colours and go
  • Randomly sew on Sprinkles after completed
  • We put our finished project in a hoop
  • And coloured it in with a Sharpie 

You can find useful links below | which will help you in your new craft:

Remember, confidence comes from knowledge!


Any further questions you have, please feel free to email us:

Wishing you lots of good vibes, and awesomeness for 2020!

Kate & Camila xo

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