Makers Mob

Katherine Khullar

Camila and I, have been working to share the Little Dot Loves love in the world. We wanted a place to meet once a week, to share projects, ideas and chill with like minded people.

The makers mob, is a fun way explore craft skills, create nice things, and share amazing moments. We believe everyone deserves time to relax, and use time to its fullest potential. 

I guess, initially we have simple goals, a few people come, and have a great time. Of course, we would love it to grow, for more people to come the next week! Although don't need to worry about that now!

OK, to be honest, we might worry a tiny bit. Only as we want it to be a good community experience, which can grow, and be valuable. Can't say it would be a bad thing though - if it is only us - to be in a pub with my mate on a Thursday night!! 

We will share more about the first night, after the event, and keep you all updated.


  • Thursday Evenings from 8pm
  • Catcher & Rye, Regents Park Road, N3
  • Small projects supplied
  • £7 weekly subs | 1st Session: £5

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